Bryce’s Story

Bryce Desrochers is a bright young man who loves sports. He wants to be the first child to be on the field when the Miracle League baseball diamond and playground opens in Ottawa.

Bryce is overcoming his disabilities with the help of his parents Rolly and Michelle. He’s played sledge hockey, and says that sports make him feel like any child, he hopes that people across Canada will give to this project.

The challenge with normal baseball diamonds is that Bryce’s wheelchair gets stuck. He knows that a flat surface made of rubberized material will allow him to speed his way from one base to the next.

The beauty of the Miracle League is that it integrates all children into sport. If a child can’t hold a ball, or swing a bat, they are paired up with another child who can.

It means everyone has fun together, something we can all support.


The Miracle League of Ottawa

  • In the summer of 2012, the Champions for Ottawa Baseball and the Rotary Club of Orleans were approached by the Desrochers family from Orleans to help support a dream; a Miracle League field in the Nation’s Capital so Bryce Desrochers, a grade six student, could enjoy the game of baseball in a safe environment. Rolly and Michelle Desrochers know that sports gives their son Bryce, born with cerebral palsy, a great deal of joy. Thousands of other special-needs children and adults will similarly benefit.
  • Presently, the Miracle League of Ottawa is an incorporated non-profit with a Board of Directors and active volunteers thanks to the support of several partners namely JaysCare Foundation, The Progressive Waste Solutions/Friends of The Mer Bleue Inc Community Fund, the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club, Trinity Developments, Telus, Claridge Homes and the Rotary Club of Orleans among others.
  • The goal is to construct Ottawa’s first fully functional Miracle League program at the Notre-Dame des Champs park in Orleans to include a field, playground structure and supporting infrastructure; a $1.6M project.
  • The City of Ottawa is the top partner through the Community Partnership Major Capital Program for a 50/50 share of the total project cost as well as the City’s donation of an existing baseball field to develop the Miracle League vision.
  • The full capital budget was raised by April 2015 for the three main aspects of the vision; 1) the Field, 2) a fully accessible play structure and 3) a clubhouse that will have 2 fully accessible changerooms and 2 washrooms plus a canteen and storage room for equipment.
  • The Miracle Field will be multi-purpose incorporating other recreation uses such as golf, soccer, walking, lawn bowling, etc. We have established partnerships with the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Center and CHEO to support special needs children, young adults and adults.
  • After project construction is completed, the Miracle League of Ottawa will manage operations in partnership with the City of Ottawa. The Field will open in late July 2015 !